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Downtown Safety

What is it?

Downtown safety refers to any safety concerns of those that live, work and play in downtown Madison. The central city should be a place that no matter what time of the day, everyone feels safe and welcome.

Why is it Important?

Downtown Madison is critically important to our community, both as our central business district and the principal destination for visitors of our region. DMI firmly believes that our leaders and the community have the capacity and resources to keep downtown Madison safe for all residents, workers and visitors.

What is DMI's Role?

DMI has and continues to work closely with City of Madison and UW-Madison law enforcement, as well as community groups and public officials on strategies to increase public safety in downtown Madison. Issues and initiatives DMI has been involved with are the Downtown Safety Initiative, the Downtown ReachOut program, and the transformation of Halloween on State Street from a public safety concern into a positive local event. On June 2, 2012, the DMI Board of Directors issued a statement supporting changes to the City of Madison Panhandling Ordinance and on May 21, 2013, a statement supporting measures that ensure the prompt and efficient removal of personal property abandoned in public places. The DMI Board and Quality of Life and Safety committee continue to address safety concerns in downtown Madison in a preventative and proactive way.

What Can I Do?
  1. Join the DMI Quality of Life and Safety Committee
  2. Stay informed by reading the Madison Police Department Central District Blotter
  3. Support the downtown ReachOut program
visit downtown